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RoboTop© acts as a single brain connecting everyone and everything so shops can automate production and management. 

RoboTop© is 100% cloud based. Optimized for mobile or desktop. 

Live Manufacturing Status

Always know the real-time status of every countertop from a single view. 

Auto Priority Cut & Polish Order

Never tell anyone what to do next again, we do that automatically for you. 

Company Wide Chat

Built in company wide chat so everyone is on the same page. 

RoboTop UI.png

Automated Invoicing

Never miss an invoice again. We auto invoice everything that passes thru the shop for you. 

1 Click Saw Assign

Send countertops to the saw and operator of choice with a single click. 

Integrated Cameras

Always know what's going on live camera integration. 

Automatic reports that tell you the cost and profit of everyone & everything in your shop.

Current Project Profit/Loss

Instantly know the real time profit & loss of any project passing through your shop. 

Projected Profit

Know the projected profit of a project before you even  perform the template or quote the project. 

RoboTop Project Report.png

Know What's Working

Know the profit & loss of every step of the project. Know when and where you need to make adjustments. 

Insane Cost Breakdowns

RoboTop tells you how much a job cost to cut, polish, deliver, and more. You will know the cost of EVERYTHING.

One click remote help with CAD drawing, machine programming, estimating, and sales.

RoboTop ready to draw.png
RoboTop ready to draw upclose_edited.png
RoboTop draw_edited.png
backround pic 1.png

Built In One Click Remote Help

RoboTop certified architects draw while you sleep. 

RoboTop Ready to cut.png
Ready to cut.png
SOEZZ LIVE DATA_edited.jpg
ready to cut 2.png


As RoboTop©  gathers data about a shops performance and costs, RoboTop© begins to predict accurate project costs and schedules based on past performance history. For instance, RoboTop© estimate prediction will accurately predict your shops cost to execute a specific project while estimating. 

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