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Inventory 1.png

Click the "Inventory" tab. 

Then click the down arrow to the left of "Cutting Remnant Inventory". 

Inventory 2.png

You should now see a list of views to select from in the Inventory tab. 

Cutting Remnant Inventory Entry: View saw cutter views when adding new remnants to inventory. 

All Inventory: Shows all inventory

Slab Inventory: Show all full slab inventory

Remnant Inventory: Shows all remnant Inventory

Add New Inventory: View to add new inventory

Add New Inventory

Add new inventory.png

To add new inventory, click the "Add New Inventory" view.

Right click on a row and select "Insert Record". 

A new blank record will appear above. 

Add new inventory 2.png

Complete the information in the row. 

Your inventory is now entered. 

Tip: We recommend using a phone or a tablet to enter new inventory since you can add pictures easily. If you are using a phone or a tablet, make sure you are view the "Add New Inventory" view. Click "+ Add new record" button at the bottom to add new inventory. 

Assigning Inventory To A Countertop

Assigning Inventory.png

If you want to assign material from inventory to a specific countertop to put into production, you would do this in "Office View", located in the "Countertops" tab. 

Assigning Inventory 3.png

When you assign inventory to a countertop, you do this in the material status. 

Click " + Add new record" if the material status is blank. If you need to add multiple different sized remnants to a countertop, you would add multiple new records.

Select the status as "Inventory". 

Enter the number of pieces required. If you are using remnants, you must enter 1 in slabs required if you only have 1 remnant in that size. 

Click, " + Link to a record from Inventory".

Assigning Inventory 4.png

Your inventory will now appear. 

Search for material you are looking for in search bar. 

Select that material you want. 

The inventory is now assigned to that material status. "X" the material status box on the type left. 

The inventory is now assigned to that countertop. 

Saw Operator Inventory Entry

Saw operators enter remnants from slab cutting directly from their cutting screen. It pulls the data and lot number from the slab so it does not need to be entered. 

We recommend operators use their phone or a tablet to enter remnant inventory so they can take a picture. However this is not required. 

If you are using a phone or tablet, go to the cutting tab, select your machine view, and enter from there so the information pulls automatically from your cut data. 

Saw Inventory 1.png

Click the "+" button in the add inventory row you are cutting. Click " + Add new record" in the pop up box. 

saw inventory 2.png

Complete the remnant information and close the box. Your remnant is now added to inventory. 

The ID number is the identifying number of the piece. It may be wise to mark your slabs with the identifying number so it can easily be located. 

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