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Invoicing Tracking

Invoice tracking is used to ensure all counterops being fabricated are being invoiced. Invoice tracking serves a guide on what needs to be invoiced and an insurance alternative so no invoices are missed. 

Invoice 1.png

To view invoice tracking, click the "Invoices" tab. 

Invoice 1-2.png

Click the down arrow to the left of Create Project. Click "Invoice Tracking" to change the view. 

Invoice 2.png

The invoice tracking view is grouped by the countertop order status. 

If all the countertops are completed, it will be grouped at the top with Invoice. After you invoice the countertops in your separate invoicing software, click the invoice status to "Invoiced". 

If the invoice status is "Invoiced", that project will move down to the bottom of the view grouped with "Project Invoiced" 

If all the countertops are not completed on a specific project, the project will stay grouped in the middle with "Project In Process". 

Additional fields for greater tracking include: 

1. Invoice Number

2. Invoice Date

3. Invoice Copy 

4. Invoice Price Entry 

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