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Material Ordering & Receiving

Material Tab.png

Click the "Material" tab. 

Material Ordering & Receiving.png

Click the down arrow next to Material Status and select the "Material Ordering & Receiving" view.

Material Ordering.png

Material that needs to be ordered will appear at the top under the status "Order Material". 

After the material is ordered, change the status to "Material Ordered" and select yourself as the orderer. This lets everyone know in office view the material has been ordered and by who. 

After the material has arrived, change the status to "Material Arrived". 

Either the office or the material receiver can update the status. 

Other information you can include about the material order includes: 

  • Slab Dimensions 

  • Lot Number

  • Slab Photos

  • Cost

  • PO Number

We recommend the person responsible for receiving material orders updates the material info and status as the material arrives at your shop.

This enables your shop to keep flowing with maximum efficiency. 

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