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Polish 1.png

Click the countertops tab. 

Then click the down arrow to the left of basic view. 

Polish 2.png

Click the "Finish Shop View". 

Polish 3.png

Finish view displays what countertops need to be finished/polished. 


identifies what countertop is ready to be polished. 

Days due

is how many days until the countertop is shipped/installed. Typically the polishers will want to finish items/countertops with the lowest days due first in order to meet the schedule. 


are the people polishing the countertop. Select your name if you are polishing the item. 

Polish date

is the day you started polishing the countertop. Double click and select the button "Today". 


is anyone who helped unload/load the countertop for polish or shipping. Select your name if you helped load or unload the top for/from polishing. 

When a polisher begins polishing a countertop, they should select the manufacturing status as "Currently Polishing". When complete, change the status to "Complete". 

Polishers can click on the production stickers or template to bring up that countertops details. 


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