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CFFA Seeks Board Candidates

These week, I announced the founding of the Censor Free Fabrication Authority, also known as the CFFA.

You can visit the website here to join free or apply for a board position here

The goal of this organization is to provide fabricators with the newest and latest creations in our market.

We believe that everyone should be able to show off their innovations and tooling to get real feedback from the users (fabricators) no matter what their thought is.

For reasons, in some instances, peoples' identities may not want to be revealed due to repercussions. For this reason, we need a board.

The board will evaluate any anonymous remarks for fairness. We will not censor opinions, however, for certain reasons (competitors trashing competitors), we can not post every anonymous comments because they may not be true with ill intentions for ones personal benefit.

The board will confirm and conceal the persons identity and confirm if the post is warranted for being able to be anonymous.

If the board does not concur to a % of 50%, the poster (person) is welcome to post the comment publicly free of censorship.

We will also provide free resources and knowledge to sell more tops, how to advertise better, and help with any problems you may face as a fabricator free of charge.

In most cases, you are not the only one with the particular problem.

With the use of technology, the CFFA scale help and solve fabricators problems with minimal effort.

Thank you for considering the CFFA!

We welcome all fabricators!

The CFFA headquarters will be located in Naples, FL and we will hold an annual board meeting in the said place.

Thank You,,,

Ryan Bapitste

RoboTop and CFFA Founder

My software company:

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