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Just this week, we released RoboTop 2.0 -- The ultimate production, scheduling, and invoice tracking software for fabricators.

Changing software from one provider to another is difficult. Transferring data, making sure it matches, learning how to use the new software. It’s a lot of extra work and effort on top of everything else you and your team needs to do. 

The reward is what you're searching for. Become better, more efficient, improve the bottom line. The problem is, what if you do everything right, put in the work and the reward is not there.

To put mildly, that sucks. Now you switched providers, spent more money and energy and you and your team are no better off, maybe even worse than before. That's a tough pill to swallow and frankly is daunting and scary.

Most businesses don't like to change. They are scared of change. You see it all the time on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. These restaurants are on the brink of failure, their food sucks, and the owners are STILL resistant to change being offered from one of the most successful chefs in the world. 

Even more amazing, you would think large companies would be the most resistant to change. After all, the larger the company, the larger the change, the more wheels turning, the harder to pull off. 

Nope. The largest companies in your industry are searching to change. They didn’t get there by staying the same. They search daily to see what they can be doing better and what tools are at their disposal. 

The changes you should be seeking are low risk, high reward. 

With the release of RoboTop 2.0, we’ve brought that low risk, high reward scenario to the countertop fabrication market with software. 

Here’s why………………… 

There is no data entry or trying to match data while switching over to RoboTop. We pull your orders directly from Quickbooks. Once we plug the software in for you -- it just works. 

What this means is there is no major change. Your accounting is still the same and your company just becomes better without much effort. 

RoboTop isn’t an all or nothing solution. RoboTop is always working for you even when you are not using it. What we mean by this is even if you don’t use RoboTop for a week, it will still have all your week’s jobs ready to go and tracked. 

You can ease into RoboTop or go full speed. It’s up to you. 

This low risk, high reward scenario didn’t happen by accident, but rather by design. 

RoboTop is the most powerful and simplest software in the world to manage your shop. No contracts, cancel anytime. Visit two watch our short 3 minute demo. 

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