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At RoboTop, we've built some of the most complex and comprehensive software solutions in the industry.

We've learned the more complex a piece of software is, the more support it requires. The more change brought upon its users.

Many great companies have been requesting our software, however, we've been reluctantly denying any new customers.

We did not feel we could provide the superior support we demand from ourselves by adding new customers.

We've been hard at work developing RoboTop for over two years. We built it and tore it down over and over again.

Our flaws are obvious in hindsight :

  1. The product was too complex. To launch RoboTop, a shop would have to make a complete change from top to bottom. A huge commitment added on top of everything else your team must do.

  2. Getting started took real effort. You had to make a commitment to get your data matching so your shop could transition smoothly.

It became painfully obvious when demos would take us upwards of an hour. If a demo took us an hour, how long will it take to train 10, 25, 100 employees? The answer is days to weeks to months.

Our product wasn't magical like we envisioned, but rather a burden to new users!

But we didn't give up. We kept building over and over again searching for that magic pay dirt amazing software products poses.

If your shop uses QuickBooks, come experience the magic with us.

Text or call us today for a 5 minute demo today 252-202-2322. Visit for more information.

A 5 person shop is 30x less complex than a 25 person shop even though the 25 person shop is only 5x the people.

A 100 person shop is 450x more complex than a 5 person shop even though the 100 person shop is only 20x the people.

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