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Getting Started With RoboTop 💪

Implementing a small process change is easy. Implementing a large process change is scary. It creates uncertainty. It slows things down. It adds short-term workload.

RoboTop Lite was specifically built to get you and your company on-board with the most minimal process change required.

RoboTop Lite is the training wheels that's a small process change with big rewards.

With any process change, you don't want to disrupt current operations.

The best way to implement RoboTop Lite in your shop is with a test run. Familiarize your team with RoboTop Lite. Give your team the time and opportunity to get used to RoboTop Lite while continuing your current operations strategy.

When implementing RoboTop, you don't want to go into your shop and say, "Today, we change our entire process with something new."

We want to say, "Today, we will start using RoboTop in conjunction with our current process."

This will enable your company to seamlessly transition from your current process to RoboTop Lite with no disruption.

RoboTop will add minimal extra short-term work load to your current operation strategy:

📱 Phone Scan - 60 seconds per kitchen/item per shop employee.

📦 Item Entry - 3 minutes per kitchen/item per item sold for project managers.

🏷 Sticker Creation - 3 minutes per programmed kitchen/item.

Our goal is for you to continue operations normally with no disruption while upgrading your shops infrastructure and processes simultaneously.

Steps to get RoboTop Lite implemented in your shop:

1. 🖨 Order Sticker Paper

The paper you will use to print RoboTop's stickers.

Many of RoboTop's customers use this sticker paper type:

RoboTop stickers are printed directly from your computer using the RoboTop application and a laser jet printer.

However, if you already have a laser jet printer, you may want to wait to test prior to buying a new printer. It may not be necessary.

RoboTop Stickers

2. 📱 Required Hardware

RoboTop uses QR codes to scan and update tops / items that pass through your shop. This requires a cell phone or tablet.

Your employees can download the RoboTop app directly on their phone


Your company can supply tablets connected to wifi with the RoboTop app enabled.

We suggest your template and install crews use their personal cell phones since they will need cell service to update the countertop's status on site.

If you're going to purchase tablets, we recommend lower costing iPads for $249 (make sure to buy a durable waterproof case also for each iPad ) :

It may also be beneficial to buy a few LG smart televisions. This is not required, but it will allow your team to have schedule screens so everyone has a public view 24/7 of what's due next.

LG TVs start at just $169.00 and you can connect to RoboTop directly via the LG TV Browser :

We suggest buying one TV for each segment of your shop: Cutting, Routering, Polishing, Loading, etc.

The number of TVs required will depend on the number of specialized position segments you have in your shop.

Each specialized segment view would be displayed on a local TV like below (Polish View):

Polish View - All polishers know what's next to do

3. ⏰ Set A RoboTop Target Start Date

Set a target start date with your RoboTop success manager.

The date you want to implement RoboTop Lite into your shop's operation process.

4. ⌨️ Enter Upcoming Projects Into RoboTop Lite

Enter projects with an install or template date on or after your target start date.

If your company has 100 sold projects after the RoboTop start date, it may feel a bit overwhelming to upload so much information at once.

Your RoboTop success manager can assist your company uploading project information quickly and easily if you can provide the required project data via a spreadsheet that includes:

  • Project name

  • Project address

  • Items/Countertops for the project with details (edge, material)

  • Future template & install dates on or after the target start date

Creating a countertop is as simple as selecting the status, enter the area name and details

5. 🧪 RoboTop Test Run

Your shop continues its normal operations and processes with RoboTop running overtop. Your team gets the feel of RoboTop and becomes comfortable with the process and software.

6. 🚀 Launch RoboTop Full Time

Your shop is now familiarized and confident using RoboTop. You and your team are confident in RoboTop and are ready to switch the operation processes to RoboTop full time.

7. 🍾 Celebrate

Congrats, you officially launched RoboTop Lite. Your shop is more organized than ever and runs like never before with ease. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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