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RoboTop Lite Has Launched 🚀

Today, RoboTop is excited to announce the launch of RoboTop Lite - The easiest, most powerful, advanced countertop shop management tool in the industry.

After 22 months in development, we are excited to show you what we've built and how we can help take your shop and life to the next level.

When we set out to build RoboTop, we wanted a software that could robo-manage the shop so tops would flow from sale to invoice with minimal verbal communication. A software that would manage the process so owners / operators could focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

If you break down the process of a countertop sale from start to finish, it typically has this flow:

1. Estimating / Sales

2. Scheduling

3. Templating

4. Programming

5. Cutting

6. Finishing / Polishing

7. Installing

8. Invoicing / Payment Collection

Eight actions at a minimum occur to complete an order. Most likely, every action is performed by one or more specialized individuals. Every time a top moves from process x to y to z, communication needs to occur. This may be verbal, electronic, or paper passing. It is undeniable some sort of data transfer must occur so the next step in process occurs.

With RoboTop Lite, your shop has a communication brain that makes it seamless for everyone to focus on their next task at hand.

A more focused, organized shop is easier and more profitable to operate. RoboTop makes communication seamless for everyone in your shop.

RoboTop Stickers

RoboTop's magical feature is our stickers. Simply insert a layout of your countertop into RoboTop and it will generate printable stickers.

Each sticker has two QR codes - One for manufacturing and another from template / install. When the code is scanned by a phone's camera, it brings up the particular countertop and the specific view required by the performer to easily update the countertop status.

Manufacturing QR Code Scan View on Mobile

When a top's status is updated via the QR Code, it seamlessly notifies everyone across the office in realtime.

Office View - Instantly know the status and due date of every top in your shop.

If the status update results in the next step of the process, RoboTop notifies the next person or group in line required to process the order. Every specialized process in the shop has its own "to do" list so everyone always knows what's next to do.

Drawing / Programmers View - Programmers know exactly what to program next.

Cutting View - Cutters know exactly what to cut next.

Polishing View - Polishers know exactly what to polish next.

Invoice Tracking - Accounting knows what to invoice.

By using RoboTop, everyone in your shop will instantly know what to do next with no verbal communication required.

All Crews Calendar View - View crews schedules together or singular.

RoboTop's built in scheduling system makes it easy to manage template and install crews.

When templates or installs are added in RoboTop, RoboTop automatically notifies the particular crew with the required information via the crews mobile view.

Mobile Crew Schedule - Installers and templators always know their schedule via mobile.

As the template or install date approaches, RoboTop counts down the days, to hours, to minutes of when the schedule requirement is due (same with manufacturing and office views).

When the scheduled task is completed, the field service tech simply updates the status and RoboTop notifies the next step/person in the process to keep the order flowing.

Countertop Entry - Virtually zero training required.

RoboTop Lite takes virtually no training. In under a minute, you can have a countertop and sticker ready to go in RoboTop.

It doesn't matter if you shop does 5 or 100 kitchens a week, RoboTop will micro manage your shop so it runs faster, with greater efficiency and higher profitability.

If you would like to be one of the first to try RoboTop, click here and enter your email. We will contact you shortly with further instructions.

Ryan Baptiste


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