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Products are non unique items you sell. Sinks, faucets, and more can be listed in products. 

Click the Products tab to view products. 

Click the down arrow next to "Project Inventory" to view all views of products. 

  • Product Inventory

  • Add Product Inventory

  • Create New Product

Adding New Products

Click the "Create New Product" View shown above in the image above.

Create New Product 1.png

Right click  in a cell and select " Insert record above". 

A new blank record will appear. Add the product information. 

Repeat process to add more products. 

Adding Product Inventory

To add inventory to a product, select the "Add Product Inventory" view in the products tab. 

Products 2.png

Click the " + " button even if the record already has an entry like above. Your adding new inventory so you will have multiple records in this field as you add new inventory for a product. 

Adding inventory.png

After you click the "+" button, you should see the product you are adding inventory to. 

In the box under # QTY, enter the quantity you want to add to inventory. 

"X" the box when finished. 

The inventory is now added. 

Adding Products To A Countertop

To add products to an order, go to the countertops tab and go to "Office View". 

You will want to add products to an order so your installers know what products to take to the job site. As you add products, they will automatically deduct from inventory. 

Add products 1.png

Click the "+" to add products to a countertop. The templators and installers will see the products added at time of template and install. 

Add products 2.png

Enter the quantity. 

add products 3.png

Select the product. 

The product is now added to the order. 

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