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Setting Up RoboTop - 10 Minutes

We recommend using the help video above. We also have text help versions below. 

Before getting started, you will need to configure the software. It's easy, two steps only. 

1. Click the "Team" tab and enter your employees. Add a profile pic for each employee. 

Enter employees.png

 2. ​Click the "Service Geographies" tab and enter any service geographies you service. 

  • Typically you will you have a local and semi local service area. 

  • Add additional service areas that are unlikely to be serviced the same day with the same crew. (For example: If your shop was located in NJ, one service area may be NYC while another may be Philadelphia. These two service areas are unlikely to both be serviced in a single day by the same crew since they are rather far from each other.) 

Service Geographies.png
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