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Saw Operators

cs 1.png

Click the cutting tab to go to the cutting view. 


Then click the drop down arrow to the left of "Assign View"

cs 2.png

Click the machine you are operating. 

Cutting Screen.png

You should now be viewing on your machines cutting schedule. 

Cutting is grouped by status. 


is the slab number you are cutting. 

Slab data

is the slab you are cutting. 


are the countertops required to be cut. 

Item status

is the current status of the item. After an item is cut, you will modify this status so others in the shop know what to do next. 

Days due

is how many days until this item is shipped or installed. You will typically want to cut the items with the lowest days due first to meet schedule demands. 

Production stickers

are stickers generated by the system that you can cut and stick to the pieces  you cut so the polishers and installers can identify the top. 

Slab layout

is how the current item/countertop is laid out on the slab to cut. 

DXF cut files

are files that need to be importanted into your machine to cut. 


is the template data for the item/countertop. Click on the template to see the data. "X" out on the top right when you want to exit. 


is where you will want to select yourself to let everyone know you cut that countertop. 

Select Cut Date

is the day you cut that slab. Double click and select today. 

Program #'s

are the output numbers generated by your machine when outputting a program or barcode. Since a single slab may have multiple cut programs, there is additional program boxes for that purpose. 

Add Inventory

is where you can add leftover remnants from the slab you are cutting. The data is pulled directly to the data system. You will have to enter the size of the piece. If you have multiple remnant pieces from a single slab, add multiple inventory records. Use a phone or tablet to snap a pic if wanted and add. 

Saw Operator Inventory Entry

Saw operators enter remnants from slab cutting directly from their cutting screen. It pulls the data and lot number from the slab so it does not need to be entered. 

We recommend operators use their phone or a tablet to enter remnant inventory so they can take a picture. This is not required. 

If you are using a phone or tablet, go to the cutting tab, select your machine view, and enter from there so the information pulls automatically from your cut data. 

Saw Inventory 1.png
saw inventory 2.png

Click the "+" button in the add inventory row you are cutting. Click " + Add new record" in the pop up box. 

Complete the remnant information and close the box. Your remnant is now added to inventory. 

The ID number is the identifying number of the piece. It may be wise to mark your slabs with the identifying number so it can easily be located. 

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