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Setting up your shop to run RoboTop.

We recommend using the help video above. We also have text help versions below. 


To use RoboTop, you will need software stations or tablets connected to the internet at your shop.


To run RoboTop at its fullest potential, we recommend setting up software stations.


Software stations consist of a Windows operated computer with a 42" or greater flat screen television connected. 

Software stations should be located at:

  • Machines used frequently

  • Minimum 1 in the polish shop

Optional additional software stations:

  • ​Time clock 

  • Material Receiving 

  • Schedule 

  • Community Tasks

Software stations with two screens can host multiple views. For example, if the polish shop software station has two screens, one screen can be used for the polish shop and another screen for something else (like material receiving).  This turns one computer into two software stations. 

Having a an inexpensive tablets connected to the internet can also come in handy to take pictures when needed. 

If software stations are not an option at this time time, you can also use tablets. If you use tablets, we recommend keeping them plugged in at designated locations. 

Tablets make good alternative vs software stations to save on cost  and speed of deployement for the time clock, material receiving, and community tasks. 

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