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If you work in the office, you will create templates in the "Countertops" tab in "Office View". 

If you are a field templator, you will create templates from your personal view. 

Template 13.png

If you are in office view, click the " + " button in the template column to add a template for that countertop. 

If you are an field templator using a mobile device, click the countertop you are templating. 

Template 14.png

Click the " + Add new record " button. 

Templator 1.png

When you add a template, it creates a template #. This number is searchable. If you want to use the same template for multiple countertops, search the template number and click that record. 

The title of the template is the template status + type of template, + template number. 

This lets everyone in the company know about the template in any view. 

When you add a template, you will enter the following info:


*We recommend templators to use our mobile version and upload the templates direct from the field site. 

1. Template status

2. Performer of the template

3. Template Type

4. Back splash info

5. Item is linked, this is the item you should be templating. No entry here. 

6. Template file or drawing. Holds DXF's. 

7. Field images (helpful)

8. Template seam notes. Project manager may modify template here. 

9. Sink. If the sink is not in the system, click " + Add new record" in the pop up box and add the sink data. "X" when done. 

The template is complete. "X" the box. 

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