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Creating Projects

We recommend using the help video above. We also have text help versions below. 

create project 1.png

To create a project, click the "Projects" tab. The first tab to the left. 

create project 2.png

Right click with your mouse in a cell and select insert record. A blank record will appear at the top of the screen. 

create project 4.png

Click the empty projects box and a + sign will appear. Click the + sign.

create project 10.png

Click "+ Add new record" in the pop up box. 

create project 6.png

Enter the project information: 

  • Project Name

  • Project Address

  • Service Area

If you need to modify the project's information later, click on the project record it creates to bring this pop up box up. 

"X" Close the box when finished in the top left hand corner of the pop up box. 

Select Customer.png

Repeat the process for customer. 

If you have customers already in RoboTop, use the search box to find the customer.

If you need to add a new customer, click " + Add new record".

"X" Close the box after entering a customers information. 

create project 8.png

Select "Ordered" as the order status. 

create project 9.png

Select the project manager of the project.


Click the "+" to add countertops to the project. Click " + Add new record" at the bottom of the pop up box to create an new countertop. 

create project 11.png

Select "Ordered" for order status. If the order status is not "Ordered", the countertop will not be able to be sent to production.


Enter the following information: 


  • Order Status

  • QTY Required

  • Item Type

  • Material

  • Edge

  • Backsplash

  • SQFT


After SQFT, more information will appear. You do not need to worry about entering the additional information yet. 


If you need to modify a countertop's specifications later, go to the countertops tab and click the countertop specifications view.  

Repeat the process of adding a countertop if you need to add multiple countertops to a project. 

Next you will need to learn how to send a countertop into production. Click here. 

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