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Office View - Preparing for production

We recommend using the help video above. We also have text help versions below. 

Office view is the main view the office and project managers use to prepare projects for production and schedule for template and installation. 

select office view.png
Click office view.png

To view office view, select the "Countertops" tab and change the view by clicking the down arrow to display a drop down menu. Select "Office View" in the drop down menu. 

Congratulations, you now know how to change views. If you work mostly in the office, this is the view you spend most your time. 

Office View.png

Once in office view, you can view the live status of all ordered countertops.

  • Order Status

  • Manufacturing Status

  • Cut Status

  • Template Status

  • Material Status

  • Install Status


Countertops are grouped by days due. Days due is pulled from the install date. If countertops do not have a days due date (install date), they will appear at the top in office view grouped in "Empty". This means these countertops have yet to be scheduled. 

Once the install date is scheduled for the particular countertop, it will be grouped in days due based on how many days the install date is out.


Days due does not count weekend days. For example, if a top is scheduled for Monday install, on Friday, it will be grouped in day due 1, not 3, since Saturday & Sunday are not counted in days due. 

Next you will need to learn to operate in office view. Click here to learn more. 

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